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I can hardly answer the phone because I am working alone. For inquiries and reservations, please email us.

List of winter price list

​[All prices include tax]




​✅ 食事


✅ ホットワックス



​✅ リフト券

* 2-day ticket comes with a night game on the first day, 3-day ticket comes with a night game on the first day and the second day * Miyama 2-day ticket does not come with a night game.
* Please apply for the lift ticket when you make a reservation. Same-day support with the above amount will not be possible.

* Junior and senior tickets are also available, so please contact us by email.


After making an inquiry, we will contact you by e-mail "Is your room ready?"

* Please note that we may not be able to meet your request due to the time difference of posting even if there is a description such as "There is a vacancy" in the vacancy information.

If the reservation is successful, please transfer the reservation fee to the following account.
​​ Please make the transfer within 2 weeks from the time of application, or if you make a reservation just before the application, please make the transfer by the accommodation date .

Reservation fee is 3,000 yen per person per night. (Ex: 6000 yen for 2 nights)




* Please make the transfer in the name of the person who made the reservation.

Customers are responsible for paying the transfer fee.

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